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Do you know a child you want to inspire? Written to encourage girls to follow their dreams this downloadable book has been provided free of charge to WINS. Please check it out and share! Click Here

If you enjoyed reading and sharing this book please consider donating to the NREF Women in Neurosurgery Education Fund to help support and train future leaders in our field.


Journal of Neurosurgery


History of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS) paper desires the history of WINS from its beginning through the first 30 years. Click here to access the full article of history of WINS.

The Future of Neurosurgery

The Future of Neurosurgery: A White Paper on the Recruitment and Retention of Women in Neurosurgery

cover-1In 2002 (and updated in 2009), WINS published a thoughtful guide for medical students considering neurosurgery as a career.

In 2008, WINS committee authored an article addressing the barriers of recruiting and retaining women into neurosurgery. Read the article published in the Journal of Neurosurgery here.

Heart of a Lion, Hands of a Woman:

Now available for purchase at the AANS Marketplace

The production of this book was undertaken in an effort to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Women in Neurosurgery organization. These memoirs/essays
and artwork carry startling insights. Individuals who
have experienced similar struggles will gain solace
from understanding that they are not alone. All will
laugh and cry along with these heroic women who reached deep into themselves and created a
collection of heartfelt, insightful, inspired works of art.

Asian Journal of Neurosurgery

AJN_coverProgress of women in neurosurgery by Robert F. Spetzler is a measured evaluation of the status of neurosurgery’s advances in the recruitment and retention of female neurosurgeons. This article was published in the Asian Journal of Neurosurgery in 2011.