Welcome to WINS

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm CST
  Contact : orgaffairs@aans.org


WINS Section Officers 2022-2023

  • Chair:
    Sarah I. Woodrow, MD
  • Chair-elect:
    Sharona Ben-Haim, MD
  • Secretary:
    Maryam Rahman, MD
  • Treasurer:
    Laura Snyder, MD
  • Members at Large:
    Rupa Juthani, MD
  • Immediate Past Chair:
    Ellen Air, MD, PhD

Executive Committee

  • AANS Board of Directors:
    Uzma Samadani
  • Young Neurosurgeons Committee:
    Sharona Ben-Haim
  • Senior Advisor:
    Deborah L. Benzil
  • Council of State Neurosurgical Societies:
    Sarah Fouke
  • Nominating Committee:
    Susan Pannullo
  • CNS Scientific Program Committee:
    Ellen Air & Sarah Woodrow
  • Member at Large:
    Maya Babu & Jennifer Moliterno Gunel
  • World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies:
    Anna Terry & Sarah I. Woodrow
  • CNS Executive Committee:
    Lauren Schwartz
  • AANS Scientific Program Committee:
    Stacey Wolfe
  • Website and Mentor Committee
    Martina Stippler & Maryam Rahman
  • Awards and Bylaws Committies:
    Jamie S. Ullman
  • Past Presidents

    Ellen Air, MD, PhD
    Martina Stippler, MD
    Aviva Abosch
    Sherry Apple
    Deborah L. Benzil
    Kym L. Chandler
    Denis Crute
    Ann Marie Flannery
    Emily Friedman
    Aruna Ganju
    Isabelle M. Germano
    Holly S. Gilmer-Hill
    Odette Harris
    Diane L. Kraemer
    Lucy C. Love
    Karin M. Muraszko
    Kimberly Page
    Susan C. Pannullo
    Ann Margaret Parr
    Julie G. Pilitsis
    Gail L. Rosseau
    Uzma Samadani
    Daria D. Schooler
    Lauren F. Schwartz
    Shelly Timmons
    Roxanne Todor
    Eve Tsai
    Jamie Ullman
    Stacey C. Wolfe
    Edie E. Zusman