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To educate, inspire, and encourage women neurosurgeons to realize their professional and personal goals, and to serve neurosurgery in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.



WINS is pleased to offer mentoring for medical students who are interested in a career in neurosurgery


Women in Neurosurgery


Visiting International Surgeon Award.

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History of Women in Neurosurgery

Women in Neurosurgery, (WINS) encourages its members to get involved in organized neurosurgery and serve as a resource to the AANS, CNS and other neurosurgical and medical organizations at the local, state and national levels.

Louise Eisenhardt, MD

As a right hand to Harvey Cushing, MD, Louise Eisenhardt, MD was the first neuropathologist and kept records on all of his surgical pathology specimens.

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Frances K. Conley, MD

Who hasn't heard of Frances Conley, MD? Having been a pioneering force in the recognition of the problems women pursuing medical careers face.

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Ann Marie Flannery, MD

Rarely in life do you meet a person whose hard work, determination, ambition and willingness to help others profoundly affects your life

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Ruth Kerr Jakoby, MD

Dr. Ruth Kerr Jakoby was born in Palo Alto, California. She attended Barnard College of Columbia University, receiving her B.A. in 1949.

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