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WINS 30 Year Celebration

Honoring the 30th Anniversary of WINS

The year 2020 brings an exciting time to the WINS community by Honoring the 30th Anniversary of WINS!

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS). Although our event at the AANS annual meeting (the Murasko-Timmons Symposium and Gala Dinner) has been postponed, please join us to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in our specialty by perusing our online store and stay tuned for more updates on our social media platforms.

The above artwork was created to inspire and support women throughout our specialty and more information on the artist, WINS collaboration, and this unique piece of art that will serve as a centerpiece of our celebration be found on the WINS online store below. Also more information on the collaborations with artisans for the rest of WINS swag can also be found on the online store below. We hope you join us!

WINS sponsored merchandise efforts will help support programming and mentoring for current and future generations of women in neurosurgery. Proceeds from these products goes towards spreading the word and making a difference towards furthering WINS’ mission of educating and supporting women to excel as technicians, researchers, and leaders in Neurosurgery.

Visit WINS 30 Year Celebration Online Store

i. For more information about the artists, WINS shop and to shop for jewelry, please visit us at https://www.winsonlinestore.com. For more information and shopping for WINS clothing and WINS 2020 Celebration SWAG, please visit us at our store powered by CafePress

2020 Celebration Events

Events celebrating 30 years of WINS are planned throughout the year. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the cancelation of the AANS meeting 2020, the NREF Muraszko Timmons Pediatric Neurosurgery and Neurotrauma Symposium and Gala Dinner at the AANS meeting in Boston in April 2020 has been canceled for this spring but stay tuned for updates regarding events later in the year. Follow us on social media and in our newsletters for updates on upcoming events.

On October 22, 2020, WINS held a virtual cocktail party to premiere the WINS Celebration video. For more information on the event please see our newsletter article detailing the event at Virtual Cocktail Party and Premiere of WINS Celebration Video – Women in Neurosurgery (aans.org)

Please follow us on our social media platforms for updates on upcoming events!

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