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Medical Students

Mentoring Program

AANS/CNS Joint Section on Women in Neurosurgery is pleased to offer an educational program for medical students interested in a career in neurosurgery. A great introduction to the field is provided in “So you think you want to be a neurosurgeon“, a resource modified in 2009 which describes the field, reflects on the necessary steps to follow to help make yourself a viable candidate in the field, and provides a suggested timeline. A number of other on-line resources are available here.

Often times, reading the above links leads to many more questions. We offer iTunes tutorials with an experienced neurosurgeon(s) to answer many of these. Please click here to listen (AANS iTunes U link).

We suggest that interested high school and undergraduate students first try to independently contact their local hospitals to explore shadowing/volunteering experiences.

WIN Mentorship Program
Student Mentorship Program