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We are pleased to present the 3rd edition of, “So You Want To Be A Neurosurgeon“. Originally developed and written by Drs. Karin Muraszko and Deborah Benzil, this brochure remains a concise and relevant snapshot of the field of neurosurgery. Recent changes in the journey to neurosurgery, from application through residency, board certification, and maintenance of certification, are summarized in the 3rd edition.

No matter what changes our healthcare system undergoes, the field of neurosurgery will always remain a vibrant demanding specialty, attracting the brightest, most passionate, and most hard-working students. Organized neurosurgery recognizes the need to continue to bring the brightest minds to neurosurgery and as part of that mission is fully dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. On behalf of Women in Neurosurgery, we are thrilled that you have chosen the field that we love and wish you all the best as you embark on your careers.

A list of FAQs for students thinking about neurosurgery is also available.

Holly S. Gilmer, M.D., and Theresa D. Williamson, M.D.